Classic car auto parts supplier

Classic Car Auto Parts

We are delighted to supply rare, hard to find classic car parts.

Many fine examples of British and European classic cars are still driven on a regular basis all around the world. As many of these manufacturers closed their doors many years ago, obtaining high quality parts can be difficult.

However, we are delighted to help owners and enthusiasts alike all around the world with the supply of classic car parts. We are the first point of call for many garages to maintain a classic, just as they were meant to be when they first rolled off the production line.

In particular, the export of classic Mini parts is one of our specialist areas and we supply original Rover, Heritage and Unipart products as well as Aftermarket alternatives.

We offer fast, competitively priced quotations with excellent worldwide courier rates. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you.

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Daimler FordGinettaHillmanJensenJaguarLand Rover
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Rolls RoyceSunbeamTriumphTVRVolvoWestfieldWolseley

Classic Mini Parts

Since August 1959, the Mini has been an indispensable part of life all over the world – a brilliant car for racing, rallying, everyday use or leisurely Sunday driving. The export of classic Mini parts is one of our main areas of business. With considerable ‘Mini’ working experience we can supply genuine Rover, Heritage and Unipart products together with aftermarket / replacement items.

Our sister company Interex Motorsport has in-depth expertise in race, rally and high-performance road parts and accessories for your Mini and are happy to assist with your needs.

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