Replacement OE bus windshields

Custom Built Bus Windshields for Public Service Fleet

Interex recently facilitated the manufacturing and supply of new bus windshields for a Public Transport Board in the Caribbean.

The initial inquiry was received for new, OE-manufactured parts for MAN bus vehicles. However, it was later confirmed that the windshields (windscreens) were now obsolete with no stock available.

Custom coach windshields

With a large network of automotive supplier contacts, Interex approached a manufacturer open to custom windshield production. After obtaining a detailed specification of the laminated glass screens, Interex successfully secured the order. Custom tooling costs were necessary, but the overall pricing remained competitive with previous OE screens.

A total of 20 windsheilds were manufactured and securely shipped to Interex, where they were meticulously checked by the Warehouse team. Additional packaging was added around the goods to ensure extra safety of the ongoing glass delivery to the Caribbean. Interex completed all export documentation and organised a competitive price for the crate to be containerised and sent via sea shipment.

Feedback from the Transport Board expressed gratitude for Interex’s efforts to facilitate the design and development of custom bus windsheilds with a manufacturer. This resulted in extending the service life of the Transport Board’s older fleet of vehicles, avoiding the need for decommissioning and replacement vehicle costs at the time of ordering.

If your business is struggling to source spare parts for buses, coaches and other passenger vehicles, please contact us. Interex offers a comprehensive service undertaken by trained and experienced export professionals.

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