Who and What Are JLR Parts?

Jaguar and Land Rover are two iconic British car brands with a reputation for style and longevity. In 2008 the two marques merged to create Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), a subsidiary of new owners Tata Motors – a multinational automotive manufacturing company headquartered in Mumbai, India. Since then, parts supply in the UK is now regularly referred as sourcing Original or Replacement JLR parts.

After the merger JLR rose to become a global success story. In 2013 demand for luxury vehicles rapidly increased in China, North America and Europe which in turn made JLR vehicles become the UK’s biggest car manufacturer and investor with over £3 billion spent on new product development alone.

With many stylish new vehicle models created in the last decade demand has continued to increase resulting in JLR selling cars in over 130 countries.

With a flourishing classic car market that keeps growing, the demand for replacement Jaguar and genuine or OEM Land Rover parts is substantial. Interex Automotive are pleased to be a reliable source of Original, OEM and Quality aftermarket spare parts supplying customers across the globe. Our access to hundreds of suppliers allows us to confirm competitive prices and stock availability within just a few business hours.

New JLR parts for Jaguar
Classic JLR Land Rover parts
Classic JLR Jaguar E-type parts

The 2008 merger wasn’t the first time both brands shared the same ownership. From 1968 to 1984, British Leyland also owned both Jaguar and Land Rover until they separated going their separate ways. However the two manufacturers reunited after 1990 when Jaguar was bought by Ford who later added Land Rover to their stable with both becoming part of Ford’s Premier Automotive Group. In 2008 Ford’s PAG was dismantled and Tata acquired both marques to form JLR.

The Range Rover Evoque was JLR’s first fully designed and built model which came to market in 2011. Tata’s investment of millions of pounds in UK engineering paid off with the innovative Evoque quickly becoming the vehicle of choice for many particularly in the UK, Europe and the USA.

Another success story of JLR was the long-awaited F-Type in 2013 – a model which Jaguar E-type lovers had been dreaming of for years. The E-type is regularly described in the UK as the most desirable car ever created with timeless elegance. The F-type, heralded as Jaguar’s return to producing world-beating sports cars went on to win more than 150 global automotive awards, outselling many of its luxury grand tourer counterparts in the UK, Germany and North America.

From 2020 onwards, updated models have been overhauled with fresh design, with the original V6 supercharged engine replaced by a four cylinder turbocharged and a V8 supercharged option.

Everything about the JLR brand oozes luxury – with the sleek and innovative designs of both marques, Jaguar Land Rover continue to maintain original concepts but always with the highest luxury and performance.

At Interex, We Specialise in:

Sourcing spare parts for ALL worldwide manufacturers

Sourcing hard to find and obsolete vehicle parts

Consolidating orders from multiple manufacturers

Offering cost-effective premium & aftermarket alternatives

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